The Plimpy was a small, round and magical fish with two legs ending in webbed feet. It lived in deep lakes, and fed on water snails. The Plimpy was not dangerous, but would nibble on the feet and clothing of unsuspecting swimmers.[1] Plimpy eyes were used in Potion-making.[2]

Merpeople considered the Plimpy to be a pest, and they dealt with it by tying its legs into a knot and letting it drift away.[1]


Two Plimpies

A Plimpy was one of the creatures in the Magical Creatures Reserve.[3]

A Plimpy in the Great Lake

Plimpies occupied the Great Lake, south of Hogwarts Castle.[2]

When Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger visited Xenophilius Lovegood in 1998, he covered the kidnapping of his daughter Luna by saying she was out fishing for freshwater plimpies near Bottom Bridge. Xenophilius later noted that people are always requesting the Lovegood's recipe for freshwater plimpy soup after he explained the Deathly Hallows to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.[4]


"Plimpey" is an English word for "being a plump".

Behind the scenes

  • Plimpies have a similar appearance to fishapods and frog tadpoles. They also resemble pufferfish with legs.


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