Poppleton was a village located somewhere in England.


In the late 15th century, the village of Poppleton was lorded over by the Earl of Paunchley, who lived in a castle just outside of it. A cruel tyrant, he made life miserable for the village folk, meting out harsh punishments for minor misdeeds.[1]

In 1484, the Earl decided to hold a Jousting Tournament, making attendance compulsory for all residents of Poppleton. Edmund Gaddlegate, a young boy, broke his leg, and his mother sent word to the Earl that he would not be able to attend. The Earl declared that, as punishment, Edmund would be forced to face off against him in a jousting match. However, as the Earl charged at Edmund, a witch among the spectators, Hannah Cockleford, cast a Shield Charm between them. Edmund was saved and the Earl ended up thinking he was a donkey named Hairy Cyril for the rest of his life after his horse fell on him.[1]

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