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"Whereas Tina's wand is more functional, more understated."
— Description of Tina's wand[src]

This wand belonged to Porpentina Goldstein. Its wood, core, and length were unknown. Her wand was described as being "hefty".


After graduating, she wielded it during her time working as an Auror for the Magical Congress of the United States of America, until she was demoted after attacking Mary Lou Barebone.

She wielded this wand during her battle with Gellert Grindelwald (then disguised as Percival Graves) and seemingly managed to hold him off for a while.

While on a mission to track down Credence Barebone in Paris, Tina met with Yusuf Kama, who disarmed her of her wand after he lured her by pretending to be related to Credence. She later got it back after he collapsed from a water dragon parasite. After Grindelwald's rally, when he cast the powerful spell Protego Diabolica, Tina with the help of others managed to successfully dispel it, by pointing her wand to the ground and casting the counter-spell.

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