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"Who do you think they're going to listen to? You two, or someone who's actually taken these benches on test flights and lived to tell the tale?"
— To the portrait of a female etiquette teacher and the portrait of a Professor, on using enchanted benches[src]

This individual (fl. 1862) was a wizard who was, in his lifetime, a young Quidditch player[1] He had a portrait of himself hung in Gryffindor Tower by the 1990s.[2]

He seems to have been an adventurer in his youth: he claims to have taken enchanted benches on test flights "and lived to tell the tale", to have flown a Chinese Fireball from the South Pole to the North Pole ("my shoes didn't arrive until the next day"), to have scored the winning goal in the 1862 League Championship wearing nothing but a smile ("The other side jinxed off all our robes"), to have raced a dragon with a firework tied to its tail on an enchanted bench ("In fact, the last time I raced one, it caught fire"), and to have taken a party of ladies for a spin over the Himalayas on enchanted bench ("If I knew where they landed, I would've brought them back, too").[3]

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