"I don't believe it! This potion is legendary! The Potion of All Potential. A potion to realise all that is best in us."
—The Wizarding Schools Potions Championship announcer reacts to the Hogwarts potion champion's invention[src]

The Potion of All Potential is a legendary potion, invented by the Hogwarts potions champion during a 21st century Wizarding Schools Potions Championship while under influence of Felix Felicis. The potion "realises all that is best in us", bringing the drinker to their highest potential. This potion uses rare ingredients, which had not been highly studied prior to the potion's invention, including Pritcher's Porritch, Witch's Ganglion, Niffler's Fancy, and Thaumatagoria.[1]

The champion first tested this potion on a toad, which they had used throughout the championship to test potions. Upon contact with the potion, the toad instantly began to glow, as if filled with light, and attracted the interests of a female toad. This demonstration caused an immediate commotion among those watching as they all clamoured to get a drink of this powerful potion.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The four ingredients of this potion can be added to the cauldron in any order that the player chooses. Similarly, the player may choose any gesture they wish for the potion-making spell. As such, there is no set canon recipe or spell for this potion.


Notes and references

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