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"I've just heard back from the President of MACUSA. They put out a nationwide alert asking for information on Ron and The Unforgivable. They’ve also agreed to lend us some Aurors to help with our search."
Harry Potter enlisting the help of MACUSA when dealing with the Clamity[src]

The President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America was the leader of the wizarding world in the United States, and the highest ranking member of the Magical Congress of the United States of America, which they presided over.[2]


Early years

The Magical Congress of the United States of America (and thus the Presidency) was formed in 1693 as a direct result of the Salem Witch Trials and the menace of the Scourers, almost a century before the No-Maj Continental Congress declared America independent from the United Kingdom in July 1776.

Josiah Jackson became the first President of MACUSA. Josiah was thought to be strong enough to deal with the troubles caused by the Salem Witch Trials.

The first task of the North American wizarding legislature was to put on trial the Scourers, a unscrupulous and brutal band of wizarding bounty hunters and racketeers, executing those convicted of murder, wizard-trafficking, and torture.[1] Josiah Jackson's main priority when he became President was to create and train Aurors. There were only a select few to start with, with only two of the them surviving to old age. They won the enduring respect of the magic community in North America, which was extended to their descendants.

In 1760, MACUSA relocated to Williamsburg, Virginia, where its then-President Thornton Harkaway lived. Harkaway bred Crups, which possessed a great aggression towards non-magical people. When the Crups attacked local No-Majs, it led to a great breach of the Statute of Secrecy and Harkaway had to step down due to disgrace.

MACUSA then relocated to Baltimore, where then-President Able Fleming lived. However, when the Revolutionary War began, which led to the arrival of the No-Maj Congress to the city, MACUSA decided to move to Washington.

In 1777, then President Elizabeth McGilliguddy presided over the infamous Country or Kind? debate. It was an extraordinary meeting which led to the expansion of the Great Meeting Chamber. They discussed whether to support their community or their country and whether to fight for liberation from the British Muggles. They also debated whether it was really their fight. The argument did not go well and it led to a fight. Pro-interventionists argued that by intervening, they could save lives while anti-interventionists believed that they would reveal their community by intervening and place it in danger. They sought the advice of the Ministry of Magic to find out whether they intended to intervene on their side and they replied with only a four word letter - "Sitting this one out". McGilliguddy replied with an even shorter message stating "Mind you do".

President Emily Rappaport created Rappaport's Law, which would enforce strict segregation between the No-Maj and wizarding communities, after the discretions of the dim-witted witch Dorcus Twelvetrees. Henceforth, wizards were no longer allowed to befriend or marry No-Majs, and penalties of such fraternisation were harsh. Communication was also limited to only if necessary to perform daily activities. During this time, MACUSA worked strictly independently of the No-Maj government, to decrease the possibility of exposure.

Modern times

In around 1987, the then-President took a trip to the Ministry of Magic in Britain.[3]

The President of MACUSA by 2014 and thus leader of American wizarding society was President Samuel G. Quahog. Following the kidnapping of Hans the Augurey by American fans celebrating the American team's success in the quarter-finals of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup against Liechtenstein, several terse letters were exchanged between President Quahog and Otto Obermeier, Minister for Magic of Liechtenstein. Luckily, Hans was returned the following day, 9 June 2014, and the relationship between the two countries seemed not to have been too damaged.[2]

In 2021, The Unforgivable unleashed a surge of Foundables related to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes where Ron worked. Ginny was attacked and Ron was abducted by the organisation. The Unforgivable succeeded in intimidating Harry and Hermione, Harry even enlisted the help of MACUSA in the hopes of finding his best friend, this attack only made Hermione even more determined to bring the cabal to justice.[4] Harry spoke with the MACUSA President, who in turn lent him some Aurors and put out a nationwide alert.[4]

Known Presidents of the MACUSA

17th century

# Portrait President of MACUSA
(term of office)
Other MACUSA offices held Notes
1 Josiah Jackson
1693 to ?
First person to use the title of President of MACUSA. A warlike wizard, his immediate priority as President was to recruit and train Aurors.
3 Charity Wilkinson
Auror Served as one of the original twelve American Aurors before becoming MACUSA's third President.

18th century

# Portrait President of MACUSA
(term of office)
Other MACUSA offices held Notes
? Thornton Harkaway
c. 1760
Relocated MACUSA to his hometown of Williamsburg, Virginia in 1760. A flamboyant man, bred Crups among many other interests. Left his office in disgrace following a breach of the Statute of Secrecy when his pack of Crups savaged several local No-Majs.
? Able Fleming
Relocated MACUSA to his hometown of Baltimore, but MACUSA later moved to Washington due to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War and the arrival of the No-Maj Congress.
? Elizabeth McGilliguddy
c. 1777
Presided over the infamous 'Country or Kind?' debate of 1777 in Washington over magical involvement in the Revolutionary War.
15 Emily Rappaport
c. 1790
Following a major breach of the Statute of Secrecy, enacted Rappaport's Law in 1790, creating total segregation between wizard and No-Maj communities in the United States.

19th century

# Portrait President of MACUSA
(term of office)
Other MACUSA offices held Notes

20th century

# Portrait President of MACUSA
(term of office)
Other MACUSA offices held Notes
? Seraphina Picquery 2.jpg Seraphina Picquery
Allowed wizarding consumption of alcohol during her mandate. Dealt with massive threat to the Statute of Secrecy when some beasts escaped from the suitcase of British Magizoologist Newt Scamander.

21st century

# Portrait President of MACUSA
(term of office)
Other MACUSA offices held Notes
? Samuel G. Quahog
c. 2014
Oversaw the kidnapping and return of Liechtenstein Quidditch mascot Hans by high-spirited American fans following their historic triumph in the quarterfinals of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.

Behind the scenes

  • It is unknown who the President of MACUSA was during the events of the Harry Potter series (1991-1998). Their No Maj counterparts during this period would have been George H. W. Bush (1989-1993) and Bill Clinton (1993-2001)


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