""If we're staying, we should put some protective enchantments around the place," she replied, and raising her wand, she began to walk in a wide circle around Harry and Ron, murmuring incantations as she went."
Hermione Granger casting protective enchantments in 1997[src]

Protective enchantments are spells used to protect an area that the caster wants protected. The spells that are cast usually last a long time and shield specific places that the caster intended to shield. There are many different types of protective enchantments.


There are many different types of protective enchantment with many different effects. It is unknown how old some of the spells are and who exactly invented them. The enchantments were used regularly during the Second Wizarding War in order for the wizarding community to protect themselves from Death Eaters and by Death Eaters themselves, it can be assumed that they were used during the First Wizarding War as well.


In order to protect a certain place, the caster has to repeat incantations of charms over and over in the area they wish to protect. The spells circle the area and create a light effect similar to a heat wave around the protected area.

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Hermione using Salvio Hexia

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Voldemort casting a powerful spell that broke Hogwarts' protections