"...although he could barely see out of it, he pointed his wand through the smashed window and started muttering incantations of great complexity. Harry heard a weird rushing noise, as though Flitwick had unleashed the power of the wind into the grounds."
— Flitwick casting protective charms over Hogwarts castle before the Battle of Hogwarts[src]

Protego horribilis was the incantation of a powerful protective charm.[1]


It was probably the most powerful version of the Shield Charm, which was used as a protective enchantment against anything approaching the protected area, and against any Dark magic, except the Killing Curse, which is unblockable with any Shield Charm and passes through it, presumably leaving holes into the magical shield. By extended use of the shield penetration spell, the magical shield can eventually be broken down.[2]


This spell was cast by Charms Master Filius Flitwick to protect the boundaries of Hogwarts Castle from the Death Eater forces in the late hours of 1 May, 1998, prior to the Battle of Hogwarts that started the next day.[1]

Known practitioners


Latin Protego, "I protect", and Horribilis, "horrible , frightful, dreadful"; altogether the charm means "I protect against the horrible."

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