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"May I also take this opportunity to wish Puddlemere United the best of luck next season."
Quidditch Through the Ages[src]

Puddlemere United was a Quidditch team that played in the British and Irish Quidditch League. They were founded in 1163, making them the oldest team in the league.

Their robes were navy-blue robes emblazoned with two crossed golden bulrushes. The team had won the League Cup at least twenty-two times and the European Cup twice.

Puddlemere United's team anthem, Beat Back Those Bludgers, Boys, and Chuck That Quaffle Here, was recorded by singing sorceress Celestina Warbeck to raise money for St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries shortly before the publication of the edition of Quidditch Through the Ages that could be purchased by Muggles for Comic Relief.



The team was founded.

20th century


During a match against the Ballycastle Bats, Chaser Joscelind Wadcock achieved the record for most goals scored in the British and Irish Quidditch League in the 20th century.[1]


"Oliver Wood, the old captain of Harry's House Quidditch team, who had just left Hogwarts, dragged Harry over to his parents' tent to introduce him, and told him excitedly that he had just been signed to the Puddlemere United reserve team."
— Oliver Wood informs Harry Potter that he is a reserve member of Puddlemere United[src]

The team's emblem

During the early summer of this year, after graduating Hogwarts, Oliver Wood started playing for Puddlemere's reserve team. He is the reserve Keeper for the team, something he was excited about.

The next year, Harry Potter jokingly suggested that they should check with Puddlemere to make sure that Wood hadn't been killed in training. Harry made this joke because the new Gryffindor team captain, Angelina Johnson, seemed to be channelling Wood's fierce competitive spirit.


"Mud-brown is very practical but we'd like something a little more striking."
— Philbert Deveril commenting on the uniform change[src]

A Puddlemere player wearing their team's uniform

Puddlemere United changed their robe colour from mud-brown to blue.[2]

Puddlemere United poached Chaser Wilda Griffiths from the Holyhead Harpies for a thousand Galleons. She helped her new team achieve a win against Wigtown Wanderers. Manager Philbert Deverill commended Griffiths for ignoring the death threats from her former captain Gwenog Jones.[2]

Puddlemere United played the Holyhead Harpies at Ilkley Moor. Jones's threats led to security restrictions, and wands were confiscated at the gates. Many fans handed over dummy wands, however. Griffiths disappeared midway through the match, and a riot broke out. Benjy Williams captured the Snitch while the fans were rioting and won the game for Puddlemere. Puddlemere rose to the second in the League after the game while Jones was taken into custody and a Puddlemere fan called Timothy Blenkinsop was caught in the riot and acquired a rat's tail.[2]

League standings On October 1st 1999

Pos Team
1 Ballycastle Bats
2 Puddlemere United
3 Montrose Magpies
4 Tutshill Tornados
5 Kenmare Kestrals
6 Pride of Portree
7 Appleby Arrows
8 Caerphilly Catapults
9 Holyhead Harpies
10 Wimbourne Wasps
11 Chudley Cannons
12 Wigtown Wanderers
13 Falmouth Falcons

Late 1990s

Bodmin Moor Millenium Stadium was the site of a league final between Montrose Magpies and Puddlemere United sometime in the late 1990s.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • Unlike other Quidditch teams in the series, Puddlemere United does not derive its name from a location in the real world. It is possibly based somewhere on the River Piddle, in Dorset, where there is a Puddletown.
  • Albus Dumbledore was apparently a fan of this team, as he wished them the best of luck for the upcoming season in his foreword to Quidditch Through the Ages.
  • Puddlemere United are the only British Quidditch team whose name is not alliterative.


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