"The next ingredient is chopped Pungous Onion. Chop carefully before adding. Be sure to pick up the pieces with your wand, not your hands, as the ingredient is very pungent!"
Zygmunt Budge, Book of Spells[src]

Pungous Onion is a magical plant comprised of a swathe of green leaves and an orange elongated bulb at the base. It is very pungent and, because of this, contact with freshly chopped Pungous Onions is dis-advised. Chopping these onions seems to create an eye irritation that makes one cry.[1]

Pungous Onions have magical properties that make them useful as an ingredient in Potion-making: they are an ingredient for the Cure for Boils.[1]


Pungous presumably derives from the Latin pungo, meaning to prick or to sting, or perhaps more directly from its English descendant pungent, meaning having a strong odour or taste, as in spicy or acidic food.


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