The Pure-Blood Directory was a directory created in the 1930s that was published anonymously in Great Britain listing twenty-eight families judged to be pure-blood by the anonymous author, who is widely believed to be Cantankerus Nott. He dubbed these families the Sacred Twenty-Eight. A number of families appearing on the list deplored their inclusion, with many, including the Weasleys, proudly noting that they had Muggle ancestors.[1] Others felt there was a certain prestige in being on this list, and adherents to the pure-blood supremacy doctrine made quite a big deal out of their inclusion on this list of "pedigree".[1]

The directory seemed to have certain levels of bias and information inaccuracy, as the Potter family was excluded due to Henry Potter's outspoken pro-Muggle ideals and possible Muggle origins of their name,[2] and the Ollivander family was included despite Garrick Ollivander's mother, a Muggle-born, was married into the family at the time of the directory's publishing.[3]


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