"There was a bang and Ogden was on the ground, clutching his nose, while a nasty yellowish goo squirted from between his fingers"
—Morfin Gaunt casting this spell on Bob Ogden[src]

This unidentified spell was used by Morfin Gaunt on Bob Ogden when the latter visited the Gaunt shack in the summer of 1996.[1] After having warned Ogden to go away (albeit in Parseltongue), when Ogden refused to listen Gaunt cast the hex, cackling with laughter at the sight of Ogden on the ground. After Gaunt's father, Marvolo, arrived and sent his son into the house, Ogden first dabbed at his face, then pointed his wand at his nose (which was still issuing large amounts of what looked like yellow pus) and the flow stopped at once.


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