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|owners=[[Weasley family]]<br/>[[Wizardkind|Wizards and witches]]<br/>[[Muggle]]s<br/>Other Hogwarts students
|owners=[[Weasley family]]<br/>[[Wizardkind|Wizards and witches]]<br/>[[Non-magic people|Muggle]]s<br/>Other Hogwarts students
[[Horace Slughorn]]
[[Horace Slughorn]]

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Pyjamas are a type of casual loose clothing worn for sleeping. It is assumed that most people in the Wizarding world own a pair.


Pyjamas were also an intricate part of the disguise that Ron and his brothers, Fred and George Weasley created for the Weasley family ghoul.


The Weasley family ghoul wearing Ron's pyjamas

Horace Slughorn had emerald pyjamas. He wore them when battling Voldemort.

Known wearers


Horace Slughorn in his pyjamas

Behind the scenes

Pyjama party (hogwarts mystery game)

Hogwarts Mystery event

Hogwarts student pyjama party (hogwarts mystery)

The houses pyjamas in the game's special event


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