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The Qilin (pronounced "Chillin") was a magical beast that lived in Kweilin, China.[1]


Qilins were deer-like creatures which had precognitive abilities. They could also look into a person's soul and find out if they were pure of heart. If they perceived someone to be pure of heart, they would bow to them. For that purpose, they were an important part of The Walk of the Qilin Ceremony, where they bowed in front of someone that they deemed pure of heart and worthy of being Supreme Mugwump.[1]

Physical appearance

Qilins looked like deers, except their backs were covered with golden bronze scales.[1]


Qilins were used in the ancient tradition of The Walk of the Qilin Ceremony, where they used their powers to choose the next Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards.[1]

Newt trying to escape with a newborn Qilin, only to be stunned moments later by some of Grindelwald's forces

In 1932, Newton Scamander encountered one near a waterfall in Kweilin. He helped her give birth but the Alliance, led by Credence Barebone, attacked Newt and killed her before kidnapping the newborn Qilin. Newt then discovered another newborn Qilin and that she had given birth to twins. He saved it and took it home, where it was kept in Newt's suitcase.[1]

The Qilin and Grindelwald after reviving him

Grindelwald slaughtered the newborn Qilin which Credence had kidnapped to harness its ability of precognition. He later revived it using necromancy and had a vision of the second Qilin that Newt had saved. Grindelwald took the reanimated Qilin to The Walk of the Qilin Ceremony to cheat the ceremony. He controlled it into choosing him to become the next Supreme Mugwump.[1]

The Qilin bows before Dumbledore

Newt, Credence and Queenie Goldstein instantly exposed Grindelwald for cheating. Without knowing what Albus Dumbledore exactly told Newt, Bunty Broadacre securely delivered the second Qilin to Newt, quoting what she had said before, that no one can know everything and Dumbledore's scheme worked showing that Bunty had the case with the Qilin the whole time, with no one except Albus knowing. The ceremony went on and the second Qilin truthfully selected the next leader. While Vogel claimed the first Qilin was the real one, it died again in his arms. The second Qilin was then recognised as the real one. Despite not being a candidate, it bowed to Albus who declined the position. It then selected a second candidate, Vicência Santos.[1]


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