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A Captain, or Quidditch Captain, was an additional position in the wizarding sport of Quidditch. The Captain of a Quidditch team might call for "time-out" during a match,[1] end a match should Captains of both playing teams gave mutual consent,[2] and at Hogwarts use the Prefects' Bathroom.

National Quidditch Captains

Nation/Region Name Portrait Captaincy Position
America Maximus Brankovitch III 19861990 Seeker
Troy Duvall 1994 Beater
Australia Lucy Karoonda Lucykaroonda.JPG 1994 Seeker
Bulgaria Vasily Dimitrov Vasily Dimitrov.png 1994 Chaser
England Avery Hawksworth Avery Hawksworth.png 1994 Chaser
France Josephine Marat Josephine Marat.png 1994 Chaser
Germany Katrina von Glockenspieler 1994 Beater
Ireland Darren O'Hare mid-1900s Keeper
Japan Ryotaro Tanaka Ryotaro Tanaka.png 1994 Chaser
Nordic Tina Lundstrom 1994 Seeker
Scotland John Talisker 2010s

Regional Quidditch Captains

Hogwarts Quidditch Captains

Quidditch Captains at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were students and members of a House Quidditch team appointed to be in charge of their House team. Heads of House appointed one member of their House Quidditch team to be the captain. The student would presumably continue to be captain until they graduated, barring severe injury or misconduct. Only one Quidditch Captain existed in a House at a time.

Unlike prefects being firmly chosen from only the fifth-year students and above of each house, the exact requirement and restriction for choosing team captains is unknown, seeing as captains of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Oliver Wood was appointed in either his fourth year[5] or fifth year,[6] Angelina Johnson in her seventh year, and Harry Potter in his sixth year, thus an age requirement might not have existed. It is however proven that Quidditch captaincy was not a simple matter of seniority on the team, as shown in the case of Harry Potter being made captain, while a member of his team, Katie Bell, was a year older than him, although she would have joined the team around the same time.


"That gives you equal status with prefects! You can use our special bathroom now and everything!"
Hermione Granger to Harry Potter when he was made captain[src]

Quidditch Captain Harry Potter supervising house tryouts

When a Quidditch team member was appointed as Captain, they would retain their previous position (either Beater, Chaser, Keeper or Seeker) as well as assuming their additional responsibilities: Being required to hold Quidditch trials, plan training sessions and organise their House teams, and also responsible for almost anything regarding their House team activities and members.

Captains were given status similarly equal to that of prefects, being given a silver badge to wear on their school uniform or on their Quidditch robes during matches or practising, and were allowed to use the Prefects' Bathroom. However, unlike prefects, Captains were not allowed to dock House points.

Gryffindor Quidditch team

Captaincy Name Portrait Position
16881692 Astrix Alixan
1692–1696 Filemina Alchin
1696–1700 Angelina Appleby
1700–1704 Oona Ballington
1704–1708 Concepta Battista
1708–1712 Betty Bickering
1712–1716 Hugh Biggs
1716–1720 Mike Boon
1720–1724 Jason Charmer
1724–? Sophia Prickett
?–1987[7] Angelica Cole Angelica Cole.png
?–1991 Charlie Weasley HM friendships Charlie Weasley.png Seeker
1991–1994 Oliver Wood Oliver Wood – COS.png Keeper
1995–1996 Angelina Johnson GOF promo Angelina Johnson.jpg Chaser
1996–1997 Harry Potter Harry Potter (HBP promo).jpg Seeker

Unknown captaincy and position

Hufflepuff Quidditch team

Ravenclaw Quidditch team

Slytherin Quidditch team

Captaincy Name Portrait Position
17241728 Katie Rayknolls
1728–1732 Vicky Bishopper
1732–1736 Robin Higgy
1736–1740 Mark Sommertime
1740–1744 Russell Lucky
1744–1748 Dan Darker
1748–1752 Jess Lafington
1752–1756 Kris Kolumbiko
1756–1760 David Makehay
1760–? Mark Overcliff
19401944 Winky Crockett
1944–1948 Neil Lament
1948–1952 Andrew Snowy Owl
1952–1956 Jo King
1956–1960 Rufus Winickus
1960–1964 Jody Jacknife
1964–1968 Stuart Craggy
1968–1972 Steve Laughalot
1972–1976 Emma Vanity
1976–? Lucinda Talkalot
19911994 Marcus Flint Monmarcus.jpg Chaser
1995–1996 Graham Montague Graham Montague 2.png Chaser
1996–1997 Urquhart Chaser

Unknown House


Quidditch Captain Harry Potter as he appears in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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