Ron Weasley: "Blimey, dad! How far up are we?"
Lucius Malfoy: "Well, put it this way: if it rains, you'll be the first to know."
— The Weasley and Malfoy families at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup[src]

The Quidditch Trillenium Stadium[1], known also as the Quidditch World Cup Stadium[2] was built for the 422nd Quidditch World Cup in 1994. Built in the middle of a large deserted moor in Dartmoor, the Quidditch stadium was capable of holding 100,000 wizards at once, with halls draped in scarlet. A task force of 500 from the Ministry of Magic spent months preparing for it, first finding the site, then preparing it for the Quidditch World Cup. There were many different Muggle-Repelling Charms on it, such as causing the Muggles to suddenly remember urgent appointments when they got too near the site.

This also ended up becoming the site of a major attack by the Death Eaters. The night after the match, a large group of Death Eaters in long robes and masks marched through the campsites, magically levitating the Roberts family upside-down. The Ministry officials on site desperately tried to subdue the Death Eaters, but were unsuccessful. The uprising eventually ended when Barty Crouch Jr conjured the Dark Mark with Harry Potter’s wand, frightening many of the attendees and causing the Death Eaters to flee.

It is unknown what became of the stadium after the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.


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