"Watch my wand."
Quirinus Quirrell instructs a pupil on how to cast the Knockback Jinx.[src]

The wand of Quirinus Quirrell was 9 inches long and made of Alder wood, with a Unicorn hair core, and was described as "bendy."[1]

Behind the scenes

  • While wands with unicorn hair core are considered the hardest to turn to the Dark Arts, Quirrell ironically was interested in such arts and eventually became a Dark Wizard.
  • Alder wands are said to be the most suitable of all wand woods for nonverbal spells. Quirrell performed various spells, including conjuring a ring of fire and binding Harry Potter with ropes, without uttering an incantation, though it may be noted that he was possessed by Voldemort at the time and that he did these spells without using his wand.
  • In the mainstream and film series, Quirrell was never seen using his wand to perform magic, instead performing them wandlessly and nonverbally.


Notes and references

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