"...baited with an assortment of weapons he believed would be irresistible to Peeves, and a vast enchanted bell jar, reinforced by various Containment Charms, which he intended to drop over the poltergeist once he was in place."

This trap was assembled by Rancorous Carpe, then caretaker at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in 1876 in an attempt to capture and contain Peeves. It consisted of a variety of weapons, including several cutlasses and crossbows, a blunderbuss, and a small cannon, which were all placed under a large bell jar enchanted with Containment Charms, designed to keep him at gunpoint to prevent him from escaping Peeves managed to fall for the trap and he was locked in the bell jar. However, much to the chagrin of Carpe, he broke free from the jar, armed himself with the weapons and assaulted the entire school body using the weapons. He kept the school students for hostages for full 3 days and the rest of the school had to be evacuated. After a 3-day standoff with the rest of the Hogwarts's staff, Headmistress Eupraxia Mole drafted a contract granting Peeves the ability to swim in boys' toilets once a week, ability to pick stale bread from the Hogwarts kitchen for "throwing purposes" and a custom hat made by Madame Bonhabille in exchange for surrender. He accepted the request and gave over his weapons, and Carpe resigned from the post soon after for his failure and fear of Peeves' retribution.[1]


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