"The deserted Ravenclaw common room was a wide, circular room, airier than any Harry had ever seen at Hogwarts. Graceful arched windows punctuated the walls, which were hung with blue- and-bronze silks: By day, the Ravenclaws would have a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. The ceiling was domed and painted with stars, which were echoed in the midnight-blue carpet. There were tables, chairs, and bookcases, and in a niche opposite the door stood a tall statue of white marble."

The Ravenclaw Common Room is a Common Room for Ravenclaw House located in Ravenclaw Tower. In general, it sports several shades of blue with bronze (all associated with the house). It is also the airiest of the four common rooms.[1]


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A view of the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room

The entrance to the common room is located on the west side of Hogwarts at the top of a spiral staircase, presumably located on the fifth floor, and is a door without a doorknob or keyhole, but a bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle. In order to enter the room, a person must answer a riddle asked by the eagle knocker; if they answer incorrectly, they must wait for someone else who gets it right.[1]


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The Ravenclaw Common Room

The Ravenclaw Common Room is one of the airiest rooms at Hogwarts. It is a wide, circular room with graceful arched windows that punctuate the walls which were hung with blue and bronze silks and a midnight blue carpet covered in stars, which is reflected onto the domed ceiling. The room is furnished with blue tables, chairs, and a divan. Next to the door leading up to the dormitories stands a tall statue of Rowena Ravenclaw made of white marble.[1] According to Prefect Robert Hilliard, the sound of wind whistling around the windows of the tower is relaxing while going to sleep. Portraits of famous Ravenclaws hang on the walls.[2]

The Ravenclaws also have their own library within the common room, which is nowhere as big as the main library, but have almost as many books. The personal library is located in a niche.[2]

During the day, Ravenclaw students have a spectacular view of the school grounds, including the Great Lake, Forbidden Forest, Quidditch pitch, Herbology greenhouses and the surrounding mountains.[1]

Behind the scenes

In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, the Ravenclaw Common Room was two-stories and had bookshelves on the bottom floor. The walls are blue and depicted scenes of famous Ravenclaws.


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Ravenclaw Common Room in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

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