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"Take this young warrior back to her family."
— Gellert Grindelwald mourning the death of this witch[src]

This young witch attended Gellert Grindelwald's rally in Paris in 1927, and appeared to share his beliefs, but ultimately died there.[1]


Following Gellert Grindelwald

This witch standing next Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein on one of Paris streets

This witch was born sometime before 1927 into a wizarding family. In early September of 1927, she witnessed Grindelwald calling upon his followers in Paris, and was receptive to his call.[2] That same day, she attended Grindelwald's rally in the Lestrange Mausoleum on the Père-Lachaise Cemetery.[1]

When Aurors infiltrated the rally, she turned to attack an Auror that stood behind her after becoming enraged at the Aurors' presence. This outburst of anger resulted in not only the Auror in question raising his wand to defend himself, but also her own demise with the Killing Curse which the same Auror cast; which in turn caused Grindelwald to shout out in fury of her slaying.[1]


Gellert Grindelwald kneeling beside the dead body of the red-haired witch

Following her death, Gellert Grindelwald requested his other followers to take her corpse to her family, commending her as a "brave warrior". It can be presumed that this was done in accordance with Grindelwald's request.[1]

Personality and traits

Nothing was known about this witch's personality, apart from the fact that she became enamoured of Grindelwald's ideals enough to give her the courage to attack his enemies, though this bravery turned out to be foolishness, leading to her abrupt demise.[1]

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