"Vermillious, otherwise known as Red Sparks, is an excellent spell for emergencies. If you're ever in danger, fire Red Sparks into the air to call for help."
Filius Flitwick[src]

Red Sparks (Vermillious) is a charm that precipitates a jet of red sparks from the tip of the wand,[1] something that may be useful to signal an emergency and call for help.[2] It can be used offensively as a minor duelling spell,[3][4] as it is covered in the book The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection,[1] but it is not effective against armoured or metallic opponents.[5]

Vermillious Duo and Vermillious Tria are more powerful versions of Red Sparks.[4][5]

Red Sparks is part of the fourth-year Charms curriculum at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.[2]

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A Hogwarts student casting Red Sparks


  • Vermillious derives from the English word vermilion, a term for a shade of brilliant red. Interestingly, the incantation has two letter "L"s, but the proper spelling of vermilion has only one "L".

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