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"Regina Rowle is an Unspeakable. She's also, paradoxically, one of the Ministry's greatest gossips."
Constance Pickering[src]

Regina Rowle was a British witch who worked at the British Ministry of Magic in the 2010s, in the capacity of Junior Unspeakable.[1]


Regina Rowle was hired as a Junior Unspeakable by Gareth Greengrass, who hired her to replace a former Unspeakable who had decided to leave the Department of Mysteries to write novels, with her being hired around the same time as Grim Fawley. On one night, Rowle encountered Grim sleeping in the Love Room after hours. Believing that he was attempting to move on from the loss of his wife, Penelope, she wrote him a note the next day informing him that she would keep his secret but warning him that she might not be the one who would find him next time.[2]

At some point in her career, she entered the Love Chamber in the Department of Mysteries. The log documenting the time of her entry and exit was brought to light during the investigation over the Calamity, as it also showed Grim Fawley was frequently in the room at odd times.[1]

In the late 2010s or early 2020s, Rowle befriended a Calamity Investigator working for the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. She later sent them a package containing instructional materials intended for new Unspeakables. Although much of the material was redacted, it did provide the investigator a few valuable lessons. Later, the same Calamity Investigator overheard Rowle loudly claiming that Grim Fawley's relentless nature led to his downfall, with her claim leading the investigator to think deeply about the relationship between determination and the Foundables Spell.[2]

Rowle later "found" several portraits of Lord Voldemort in a back room at Borgin and Burkes and asked the same Calamity Investigator to transport them to safety, forcing them to undergo a thoroughly uncomfortable conversation with one of the portraits. She also warned the same Calamity Investigator that the Calamity was likely to react sharply to wizards who spent time investigating its nature, although the investigator decided to brave the risks and continue their Calamity studies.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Regina Rowle was noted by Constance Pickering as being one of the Ministry's "greatest gossips," indicating that, despite her Unspeakable position, she was a very gregarious, friendly individual who enjoyed spreading gossip about her coworkers.[2]


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