"He raised his own wand, pointed it at Winky, and said, “Rennervate!” Winky stirred feebly."
Amos Diggory uses the spell on Winky[src]

The Reviving Spell[4] (Rennervate)[1] is a charm that awakens whomever the caster's wand is pointed at.[3] Consequently, it serves as the counter-charm to the Stunning Spell.


This spell is accompanied by a flash of brilliantly coloured red light.[1]

This can be used to counteract a single Stunning Spell, although it is ineffective against multiple Stunners hitting an individual.[5] It's also ineffective against Dark Magic such as the Drink of Despair.[1]

Known uses

Caster(s) Date Notes
Amos Diggory 25 August, 1994 Revived the stunned Winky with this spell after the Quidditch World Cup.
Albus Dumbledore 24 May, 1995 Dumbledore used it to revive Viktor Krum after he was stunned while watching over Bartemius Crouch Senior.
24 June, 1995 He used it to revive Barty Crouch Jr
Harry Potter 30 June, 1997 Harry used it to try and revive an unconscious Dumbledore after he drank the Drink of Despair, while in the crystal cave.

Known practitioners


The original incantation was Enervate, which means "to weaken".[7] Due to this misconception, J. K. Rowling officially renamed it to "Rennervate",[7] which means "to energize".

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Behind the scenes

  • Despite this spell being used to revive unconscious people, it is ineffective against the Full Body-Bind Curse, which can be undone by the General Counter-Spell. This is probably because the former is a curse, and also because of the fact that rather than being rendered unconscious, the victim is being paralysed and still conscious. Rennervate acts as a more specific counter-charm to Stunning Spells, Sleeping potions and presumably the bewitched sleep spell as well, but can also be used on sleeping targets anyway.


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