" [...] I forced him to let go with a Revulsion Jinx [...] "
—Hermione explaining her use of the spell on Yaxley[src]

The Revulsion Jinx (Relashio) is a jinx that forces the target to release its grip on whatever it is holding, forcing the target away from whatever it is grasping. It works on both animate and inanimate targets, so long as it is holding something.[2]


This jinx appears as a jet of purple sparks. Underwater, this spell fires a jet of boiling water at whatever the caster is pointing their wand at.

Known uses

"Pointing his wand at the thick cuffs chaining the best to the floor, he yelled, "Relashio!" "
—Harry casting his spell, freeing Gringotts dragon[src]
Caster(s) Notes
Bob Ogden Used it to knock Marvolo Gaunt backward — away from his daughter, who he was attempting to strangle, because of her love for a Muggle, Tom Riddle Snr.[3]
Hermione Granger Used the jinx to similar effect in 1997 to force Death Eater Yaxley to release her arm, which he grabbed in order to Disapparate with her, Harry, and Ron.[1]
Used it to force chains to withdraw into the arms of a chair in order to free Mary Cattermole from the Muggle-Born Registration Commission when she, Ron, and Harry infiltrated the Ministry of Magic in 1997.[1]
Ron Weasley Used on Peter Pettigrew's silver hand to prevent it from slowly choking himself, although it had no effect whatsoever.[1]
Harry Potter Used on the chains of a dragon during the trio's break-in of Gringotts, in order to facilitate their escape.[1]
Used in 1995 during the second task of the Triwizard Tournament in order to free his ankle from the Grindylow's grip.

Possible uses

  • Mundungus Fletcher may have used this spell in 1996 outside the Three Broomsticks, when Harry, angered by Mundungus's plundering of Sirius Black's possessions, grabbed the former by the throat.[3]
  • In 1995, Dolores Umbridge was seen using a spell to force a kissing couple away from each other. The spell used may have been a non-verbal form of the Revulsion Jinx.
    OOTP Umbridge spelling a couple apart

    Dolores Umbridge using a Revulsion Jinx

  • Remus Lupin may have used this spell against Harry Potter in 1997 after Harry accused him of cowardice for deciding to abandon his family.[1]
  • Given its effects, it is possible that Relashio may also be able to act as a counter-spell for incarceration spells, Incarcerous and Incarcifors. Relashio may release a victim from the binding ropes conjured via Incarcerous, while it may also free a victim from the prison transfigured from other items using Incarcifors.

Known practitioners

Yaxley in Grimmauld Place

Hermione using a Revulsion Jinx on Yaxley.

Behind the scenes


Probably from the French verb relâcher meaning "to release, to set free", Spanish relajo meaning "to loosen up, to release", or Italian rilascio (pronounced the same way as the spell) meaning "I release".

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