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Riddle™, or RiddleTM, are a Wizard rock band from Oxfordshire, UK.[1]

They are probably most well-known for their song 'For Jo', which thanks JK Rowling for the impact she has had on the lives of all Harry Potter fans, and was part of the reason they were mentioned in an article on UK Wizard Rock in The Times newspaper.


The band was created in Oxfordshire,UK in 2007 by two sisters that are huge Harry Potter fans by the names of Georgia, and Victoria Minnear.

Present Day : They still do the band.


  • Secrets of the Darkest Art (2008)
  • Riddle Me This (2008)
  • Talons & Teacakes (2009 EP)
  • This Time Around (2010)

Wizard Rock People's Choice Awards

  • The Best International Band award (2010)
  • Best Kept Secret Award (2010)

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