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Rubeus Hagrid's birthday celebration took place on 6 December, 1984 to commemorate his fifty-sixth[2] birthday.



The cake baked for Hagrid's birthday, decorated with many edible beasts

Shortly before his birthday, Hagrid had lost one of his favourite pets, causing him not to be his usual cheerful self. As an attempt to cheer him up, Albus Dumbledore decided to hold a surprise party for him. Dumbledore asked Jacob's sibling to help him hold the party. The two, along with Penny Haywood, Ben Copper and Merula Snyde, discussed the party.[3]

Afterwards, Jacob's sibling met up with Rowan Khanna in their House's common room in order to plan the party. After planning, Rowan asked Jacob's sibling what they should wear to the party, and Jacob's sibling suggested something Rowan had bought or almost bought at Diagon Alley before their first year.[3]

Jacob's sibling decided to invite Rolanda Hooch to the party. Hooch explained she was too busy to attend the party, as she had to cast the Charm to Cure Reluctant Reversers on several broomsticks.[3] Jacob's sibling offered to help her. They learned the needed charm from Filius Flitwick. They returned to the Training Grounds to help Hooch, after which Hooch agreed to come to Hagrid's party. As she did not have much experience with parties, she asked Jacob's sibling how she should be like at the party.[4]

Next, Jacob's sibling invited Minerva McGonagall. She explained that she was busy watching the Clock Tower Courtyard, and did not have time to buy Hagrid a present. Jacob's sibling offered to watch over the Courtyard. During this time, McGonagall talked to Dumbledore and he told her about a secret plan for the party. He also told her to tell Jacob's sibling to invite Argus Filch. By this time, Hagrid had noticed people acting strangely around him.[4]

After successfully convincing Filch to come to the party, Dumbledore told Jacob's sibling to babysit Fang on the Training Grounds while he distracted Hagrid by taking him to Hogsmeade.[5]

Jacob's sibling proceeded to invite Severus Snape. In order to increase the chance of successfully inviting him, they decided to look for potions ingredients with Ben and Penny.[5] Although he did not like it, Snape agreed to come to the party as he wanted to talk to Dumbledore.[6]

Shortly before the party, Jacob's sibling met Amos Diggory, who gave them the option to choose either a Fire Crab, Murtlap or Porlock.[6]


The birthday party was held in the Great Hall. Hagrid was happy about the party, the gift Jacob's sibling gave him and the fact that even Snape came. Hagrid said it was the best birthday ever. At the end of the party, he gave Jacob's sibling an outfit nearly identical to the one he was wearing at the time but smaller, which he had worn before turning six.[6]


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