Rudolph Spielman's wand was of an unknown length, wood and core material.


On 30 May 1927, New York City, Spielman along with the International Confederation of Wizards, was one of the wizards who came to extradite Gellert Grindelwald to stand trial and answer for his crimes in Europe, from MACUSA confinement. However, unbeknownst to him or anyone else, Grindelwald with the help of his acolyte and MACUSA employee Abernathy both switched appearances using human transfiguration which allowed Grindelwald to subdue his captors and escape. After both he and Abernathy's true identities were revealed to the wizards in his carriage, Grindelwald took his wand and sent the others flying out of the carriage. He then pushed Rudolph out of the high flying carriage, and sent him flying down into the waters below and throwing his wand down with him. Thankfully, whilst falling Spielman managed to grab his falling wand in time to cast a Slowing Charm on the water surface in order to safely fall into the waters and survive.[1][2]


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