"Rugby held more appeal than cricket. Wizards could not help but admire the strength and courage of Muggles prepared to engage in a sport so brutal, without recourse to Disapparating out of the way, or access to Skele-Gro to repair broken bones. It must be admitted that there was an edge of sadism to some wizards’ enjoyment."
—Description of wizardkind's enjoyment of Rugby Union[src]

Rugby Union[1], or simply rugby, is a contact team sport played by Muggles. The first international rugby match was held in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1871 between the Scottish and English rugby teams, with Scotland winning the match.[2]

Unique of Muggle sports, wizards express great interest in rugby, admiring that Muggles would engage in such a brutal sport without magical methods of escape or healing. Some wizards (presumbably those of an anti-Muggle sentiment) also have an "edge of sadism" in their enjoyment of the sport.[2]

Wizarding awareness of the sport was due to Angus Buchanan, a Squib who integrated into Muggle society after being disowned by his father and joined the Scottish rugby team. Though originally only watched by his family, wizards started to attend his rugby matches in large numbers after Angus published My Life as a Squib, his autobiography. Even after Angus's retirement and death, it is considered infra dig for a wizard to support any rugby team other than Scotland's.[2]

Muggle author J. K. Rowling is a fan of rugby, and used Twitter to garner support for the Scottish rugby team.[1]


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