Rumours! was a wizarding newspaper. It published the latest gossip and rumours, as opposed to the "facts and truthful events" featured in The Daily News. Rumours! magazine was free and featured advertisements for products like Muggle-Deterring Gates and "Magi-Me-More".[1]


Behind the scenes

  • All of the items listed were, in fact, actual rumours that had circulated regarding the Harry Potter series. Pillar of Storgé was an actual rumoured title for the sixth book in the series, three days before the announcement of the official title.[2] The idea of Petunia possibly doing magic late in life was also a frequent rumour, as Rowling had stated in an interview that she planned for a character to first do magic "late in life." This idea, however, was later dropped.[3] Harry's going on trial again in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was another popular rumour regarding why Harry would not spend very long at 4 Privet Drive in that book, but Rowling assured readers that it was for a "much pleasanter reason than a court case".[4] Remus Lupin was rumoured by many to possibly have a twin because his name originates from the twin brothers of Rome's foundation myth, Romulus and Remus.[5] The myth was referenced instead in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in which, on a Potterwatch broadcast, Remus appeared using the codename of "Romulus."[6] Finally, the idea of Albus Dumbledore being Harry or Ron was a theory answered in the "Rumours!" section of Rowling's official website. She stated that "these theories open up exhilarating new vistas of possibility... but they’re wrong" and furthermore "NONE of the characters in the books has returned from the future."[7]


Notes and references

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