"It's two Sickles a scoop, people, so stop being cheap, stop throwing powdered Runespoor fangs on the fire and stop blowing yourselves out of the chimney! If one more wizard comes in here with a burned backside, I swear I won’t treat him. It’s two Sickles a scoop!"
Rutherford Poke, irate over injuries caused by using homemade Floo Powder[src]
The fang of the Runespoor is employed by witches and wizards for magical purposes. Powdered Runespoor fangs are an ingredient in creating one type of "Faux Floo," or homemade powders that some witches and wizards try unsuccessfully to use as a substitute for Floo Powder, often leading to injuries.[1] Runespoor fangs are also known to be highly venomous.[2]


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