Ryan Turner is an English teen actor who portrayed Hugo Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.[3]


Ryan's film career began in 2008 after he was cast in Love Me Still where he played Bobby Junior.[4] Ryan has been modelling since he was 5 and in 2011 appeared in the trailer and on the cover of Annabel Pitcher's My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece.[5] Ryan has also appeared in multiple ads for Aldi[6], Argos[7], Tescos[8], Debenhams[9] and the No Added Sugar Lookbook for Autumn 2010.[10] In 2010, Ryan appeared in the music video of Love Lost by The Temper Trap.[11] In 2012 Ryan appeared in The Wait by L Marshall.

Ryan Turner 1

Ryan in 2010

Behind the scenes

  • Ryan is a fan of football and supports Manchester United. He has an orange belt in Tang Soo Doo, is learning the guitar and likes playing his XBox 360.[12]
  • On 2 June 2011, it was announced Ryan will be appearing at LeakyCon 2011.[13]At LeakyCon, Ryan stated that if he could play any film character it would be Yoda. He also shared that the character's death which most upset him was that of Dobby, who was "a real hero."
  • Ryan has a younger sister, Mya who is also an actor.[14] Together they have appeared in many adverts, including a Sainsbury's ad in the late 2000's.
  • Ryan has a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account.
  • He shares a strong physical resemblance to his on-screen father Rupert Grint (Ronald Weasley) and on-screen sister Helena Barlow (Rose Weasley).

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