"... the largest of the witch-hunting hounds."

Sabre is a minor fictional character in the tale Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump, written by Beedle the Bard. He was the largest of the Brigade of Witch-Hunters' black hounds.[2]


Brigade of Witch-Hunters

"...commanded the head of his army to form a Brigade of Witch-Hunters, and issued them with a pack of ferocious black hounds"
—The Brigade of Witch-Hunters[src]

The King wanted all the magic in the world for himself, so he created the Brigade of Witch-Hunters to gather all the wizards and witches. Sabre was among the ferocious black hounds that were given to the Brigade to help them doing this task, being the largest of them.[3]


"Your Majesty, this very morning, Sabre died of eating a poisonous toadstool!"
—Captain of the Brigade of Witch-Hunters[src]

Possibly while looking for wizards and witches with the Brigade, Sabre found a poisonous toadstool and ate it. He died shortly after, for the Captain of the Brigade's displeasure.

The King's "magic"

"Bring him back to life, Your Majesty, with your wand!"
—Captain of the Brigade of Witch-Hunters[src]

A Muggle Charlatan was fooling the King, pretending to be teaching him magic, while the King gave him many of his treasures. One day, the King wanted to perform his "magic" before a crowd of lords and ladies of the court. Babbitty, the King's washerwoman was a real witch, so the Charlatan placed her behind a bush, performing the magic, while the King simply waved his twig. When the Captain of the Brigade of Witch-Hunters arrived, he showed Sabre's lifeless body to the King, begging him to bring him back to life. The foolish King brandished his twig and pointed it at the dead dog. But inside the bush, Babbitty did nothing, because she knew that no magic can raise the dead.


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