"Salamander blood, Harry! Not pomegranate juice!"
—Hermione Granger[src]

Salamander blood is the blood of a Fire Dwelling Salamander.[1] It has healing and rejuvenating properties,[1] and as such could be used to brew strengthening potions,[1] including the Strengthening Solution.


In 1995, fifth-year students at Hogwarts used salamander blood in their Potions classes. Hermione Granger had to stop Harry Potter from mistakenly adding pomegranate juice to his Strengthening Solution instead.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Salamander blood is mentioned in the French translation of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery during the Wiggenweld Potion lesson.
  • The powerful regenerative properties of Salamander blood is likely a nod to real-world Salamanders, many of which are capable of regrowing lost limbs. Some, like the Axolotl, remain in infancy stages for their entire life, which explains why Salamander blood has rejuvenating properties in addition to healing.


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