"I have been practising Parkour and FreeRunning most of my life. The ability to really express myself through the art of movement truly makes me feel alive. The arts I practise have grown to become my one true passion in life and have given me the respect, self-discipline, and direction to push myself as I continue to grow as a person and professional freerunning/parkour performer."
―Sam Parham[src]

Sam Parham, born 3 February, 1987 in London, England, is a well known British urban acrobat, actor, model, coach, and film maker who has had significant success in the fields of Parkour and Freerunning. He portrays a Snatcher in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.[2]



Parham has performed for countless professional media projects from Film and Music Videos, through to television Commercials, and has worked for companies such as Nestle, X box, sprite, snickers and performed at numerous events including God's Kitchen, Valkswagen, Ford and Ministry of Sound. He also had done many stunts performance in movies such in recently James Bond movies, and 28 Weeks Later.[3]

Physical Appearance

Parham has lent his body to various Parkour and Freerunning related photographic campaigns as both a body model and physical artist. Maintaining a strong physical physique through the Art of Movement, offering services both infront of and behind the camera.

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