A depiction of Saturn on an armillary sphere in the Astronomy Tower

Parvati Patil: "Professor Trelawney did astrology with us! Mars causes accidents and burns and things like that, and when it makes an angle to Saturn, like now - that means people need to be extra careful when handling hot things..."
Firenze: "That is human nonsense."
— Firenze's first class teaching Divination[src]

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun in the solar system, known for its distinctive, broad ring system.[1]

According to one wizarding author, Wizards Are from Neptune, Witches are from Saturn.

Significance in divination

A miniature Saturn, part of a solar system model in the Astronomy Room

According to Sybill Trelawney, Saturn has a "baleful influence" when it is in a prominent position at the time of a person's birth, causing dark hair, short height, and tragic losses early in life.[2]

Parvati Patil claimed that people needed to be extra cautious when handling hot things whenever Mars and Saturn made a right-angle.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • Coincidence or not, Tom Riddle matches the guidelines that indicates that he had been born under the influence of Saturn, as stated by Sybill Trelawney , including having "dark hair," (his was black) a "mean stature" (he was considered handsome) "tragic losses so young in life" (his mother died in childbirth), and was born in midwinter (31 December). This may also allude to the similarities that Riddle expressed between him and Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Saturn is named after the Roman god of time and the immortal king of the Titan gods, who was overthrown by his son Jupiter. In Greek times, Saturn was known as Kronos. Saturn and Uranus are the only planets not named after an Olympian god.


Notes and references

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