The sea serpent was an aquatic magical beast found in several seas around the world including the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean Sea.[1]


Reaching over a hundred feet long with a horse-like head and snake-like body, the sea serpent was a fearsome looking creature. Despite this, no Sea Serpent had ever been known to hurt a human, despite Muggle stories of encounters with the beasts. It rose in humps out of the water as it swam.[1]

Curiously, the world's best known sea serpent, the Loch Ness Monster, was not actually a sea serpent. It was a Kelpie whose favourite form was that of a Sea Serpent.[1]

A sea serpent from Cromer was slained by Glanmore Peakes.[2]

Apparently related to the sea serpent was the lake serpent, of which one known variety, the Selma of Norway, existed.[3]


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