"A dingy wooden church with darkened windows and a high mezzanine balcony. Modesty is playing a solitary variation of hopscotch, skipping in and out of a chalked grid...As she sings we see the church is full of group paraphernalia—leaflets advertising Mary Lou’s campaign, and a large version of the group’s anti-witchcraft banner."
—Description about the Second Salemers church.[src]

The New Salem Philanthropic Society chapel was a “dingy” church on Pike Street in New York City. An anti-magic fanatic Mary Lou Barebone, head of the New Salem Philanthropic Society in the 1920s, held weekly meetings on Tuesday at 7:15pm, Wednesday at 6:15pm, and Sunday from 1 - 6pm.[1] Barebone and her three adopted children Credence, Chastity and Modesty lived upstairs. The downstairs included a long table where orphans came to eat soup and gather their pamphlets about persecuting witches and wizards for distribution.[2]

One of the New Salemer pamplets referred to this as "The Old Church", implying that it was a disused chapel that was taken up by Mary Lou Barebone at some point.[3]

On 7 December of 1926, the church was destroyed by Credence Barebone when Mary Lou tried to beat him with a belt once too often and his repressed magic burst forth in a violent Obscurus.[4]


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New York, NY, USA