This individual was a wizard who, in 1379, partook in an international duelling contest on Dartmoor.[1]


The duelling was noted, by witnesses, to have been of a standard that few had ever seen before. As the contest progressed, only four contestants remained: this wizard, three more wizards, and an English witch, Elizabeth Smudgling.[1]


The second semi-finalist faces the first semi-finalist

This wizard was the second semi-finalist, and was to take part in the first duel. Keeping in mind the judges' advice to "think big", the first semi-finalist transformed himself into a bull and charged him, who escaped death by quickly turning himself into a viper. He then bit the first wizard on the leg, sending him crashing to the ground in pain.[1]


The second semi-finalist faces the third semi-finalist

Next, he faced the third semi-finalist, and brought a great storm cloud down from the sky, drenching his opponent in freezing-cold rain and forcing him to evade bolts of lightning. The third wizard then got the idea to call a powerful cyclone, which not only blew away the storm, but also this individual, the judges, most of the spectators and several trees.[1]

Considering that in the Middle Ages, before there was a Ministry of Magic to regulate such matters, duelling was usually fatal,[2] and given his particularly violent defeat, it is likely this individual died.


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