Secret History of the Wizarding World (Spanish: Historia secreta del mundo mágico), is a book of curiosities and facts written by the Argentinian author Patricio Tarantino, which shows information and important facts about the composition of the Harry Potter series.


-The original manuscript of The Philosopher's Stone contained illustrations; but the publishing agent decided not to include them. -J.K. Rowling was having such a bad time when she was in the fifth book that she thought about injuring his arm and thus having an excuse not to write it. -Scenes with Peeves were filmed for the first film; But they never saw the light. - Did you know that Rowling chose an Argentine stone to decorate a manuscript of Beedle the Bard? This book contains data; testimonials and information of all kinds. The nostalgic air of the end of the last century is added to the most current curiosities; When it all began and Magic saw the light for the first time. After reading these pages; if you are not Potterhead; You want to be. Because nobody will want to be left out of the construction of a character and a world that are here to stay. Because Harry Potter is already a classic and this is not achieved only by Rowling. We write this story together. Welcome to the Wizarding World.

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