Shortcut room(1)

Harry Potter entering the first room with Fred and George Weasley

Shortcut room(1) second floor

Harry about to leave the room

Shortcut room(2)

Harry entering the second room where Fred and George Weasley wait for him

Shortcut room(3)

Harry, Fred and George running towards eachother on the third floor

This secret shortcut was located in Hogwarts Castle and was comprised of three halls connecting the first-floor corridor with the third-floor corridor. It could be accessed behind a statue of a wizard on the first floor, and also round the back of some wood panelling on the third floor. The first room was large, with a single bookcase that one had to climb in order to get to a balcony leading to the second room, which was a large hall filled with bookcases. One had to jump from one bookcase to another in order to proceed to the next room. The third room was a large carpeted hall with very high windows and bookcases that could be climbed to reach the third floor.[1]

In 1991, Fred and George Weasley led Harry Potter, who was heading to his first Defence Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Quirrell, through this secret shortcut.[1]

Shortcut staircase to Third Floor

Harry leaving through the staircase into the Third Floor

Later in the year Severus Snape used the same shortcut to get from the third floor to the first floor after coming out from the Forbidden Corridor, limping.


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