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"This is the one that gives explicit instructions on how to make a Horcrux. Secrets of the Darkest Art — it's a horrible book, really awful, full of evil magic..."
Hermione Granger regarding this book[src]

Secrets of the Darkest Art was a tome[2] written by Owle Bullock,[1] possibly of medieval origin, that discussed the Dark Arts.[2] It was the only known source of written instructions on the creation and destruction of a Horcrux.[2] It was a large volume, bound in faded black leather.[2]


Hermione Granger: "I wonder when Dumbledore removed it from the library...if he didn't do it until he was Headmaster, I bet Voldemort got all the instruction he needed from here."
Ron Weasley: "Why did he have to ask Slughorn how to make a Horcrux, then, if he'd already read that?"
Harry Potter: "He only approached Slughorn to find out what would happen if you split your soul into seven. Dumbledore was sure Riddle already knew how to make a Horcrux by the time he asked Slughorn about them. I think you're right, Hermione, that could easily have been where he got the information."
— The trio discussing this book[src]

This book was housed in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts Library until Albus Dumbledore removed it.[3] Prior to the book's removal, students were not allowed to read the book and Dumbledore (then a teacher) was very strict about people reading it.[4] Tom Riddle probably read the book, and found the information on how to create a Horcrux, but the book does not give any information on creating multiple Horcruxes (Riddle's goal) as such a feat had never been attempted. Riddle later asked Professor Slughorn for advice.[5][2]

When Dumbledore removed the book from the library, he stored it in his office. In 1997, Hermione Granger managed to summon the book just before leaving Hogwarts at the end of her sixth year by shouting "Accio Horcrux books", thinking correctly that it would be worth a try to test her luck. Hermione took the book with her on the year-long quest to destroy Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes with Harry Potter. Despite the usefulness of the book in learning about Horcruxes, Hermione found it to be a repulsive document, due to the depraved nature of what it contained.[2]


Secrets of the Darkest Arts contained a large archive of evil magic, in which made Hermione declare it an awful book. It was the only known document that contained detailed information on Horcruxes, including the process to create them, the consequences it would have on the creator's soul, and that only by remorse could the soul be repaired, a process that was so painful it could be fatal. As creating Horcruxes were originally meant to be a singular act, this book did not contain any information on any individual creating multiple Horcruxes.[2]


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