(Known seekers)
(Known seekers)
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* [[Charlie Weasley]]
* [[Charlie Weasley]]
* [[Ginevra Weasley|Ginny Weasley]]
* [[Ginevra Weasley|Ginny Weasley]]
* [[James Potter I]]

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Seeker Harry Potter chasing the Golden Snitch.

Seeker is a position in the wizarding sport of Quidditch. There is one Seeker per team. The goal of the Seeker is to catch the Golden Snitch, meaning that they play a crucial role in Quidditch, as a game does not end until the Seeker catches the Snitch. A team whose Seeker catches the Snitch receives 150 points. Seekers are generally the smallest and lightest players on a team, and there is a certain glamour attached to playing as a Seeker. Generally, the Seeker is also the most fouled player on the team.

In team portraits, the seeker sits in the middle of the first row.

History of the Seeker

The position of the Seeker, known as the Hunter, was introduced in response to Barberus Bragge's introduction of the Golden Snidget during a match in 1269 making it the newest position in the game.

Known seekers


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