Cassandra Vablatsky

The esteemed Seer Cassandra Vablatsky

"True Seers are very rare, and Professor Trewlaney..."
—Minerva McGonagall being dubious on Sybill Trewlaney's ingenuity as a Seer[src]

A Seer is a gifted wizard or witch who has the ability to see into the future with their Inner Eye. Seers predict prophecies, which are then recorded and stored in the Hall of Prophecy in the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries. According to Minerva McGonagall, true Seers are extremely rare, and she had doubt that Sybill Trelawney can be considered as one despite her sporadically accurate predictions. Albus Dumbledore once told Harry Potter that seeing into the future is incredibly difficult because of the complexity of every single action and their consequences.

Centaurs are Seers with their own brand of Divination, which differs from that of humans.

Naming Seers

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Known Seers


Notes and references

  1. J.K Rowling on Twitter
  2. In the 1984–1985 school year, Jacob's sibling had visions of unknown origin showing Hogwarts covered in ice and an animated suit of armour. Their friend Rowan, who was very knowledgeable about magic for someone their age, concluded it was some kind of prophecy, suggesting that the player is a Seer.
  3. Gellert Grindelwald was a Seer and he was mentioned in the book

Trelawney's first Divination lesson in the trio's third year
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