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"Cauldrons — All Sizes — Copper, Brass, Pewter, Silver — Self-Stirring — Collapsible"
— redign outside Potage's Cauldron Shop[src]

The Self-Stirring Cauldron was an enchanted type of cauldron invented by Gaspard Shingleton[1] in the late 20th century. These cauldrons magically stirred potions on their own.[4] It was considered a modern invention in the evolution of cauldrons,[3] and they were sold in cauldron shops since at least 1991.[2]


"Celebrated inventor of the Self-Stirring Cauldron."
— Gaspard Shingleton's Chocolate Frog Card[src]

Inventor Gaspard Shingleton

Harry Potter first glimpsed Self-Stirring Cauldrons when he bought his school supplies during a visit to Diagon Alley in 1991.

Jacob's sibling was of the opinion that Professor Severus Snape would never resort to using a Self-Stirring Cauldron, due to his effortless talent with brewing potions in class.[5]

The 1992 History of Magic first year exam covered the topic of "batty old wizards" who invented Self-Stirring Cauldrons.[6]


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