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The Self-Fertilising Shrub was a sentient magical plant that fed on flesh.[1] Given its name, it had the ability to produce its own fertiliser.


This plant required regular watering and lots of fresh flesh to eat. As the plant fertilised itself, it required little care. It was not advised to put more than three of these plants next to each other as they would most likely kill each other. The self-fertilising shrub awas not an easy plant to find, as it lived in the back of caves. This means that when a spot was to be selected for the shrub, one had to find somewhere damp and dark. The self-fertilising shrub did not like other plants and would end up killing the other plants most of the time.[2]


At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this plant was taught to fifth years in Herbology class. In 1995, Professor Pomona Sprout issued her fifth year Herbology students an essay on these plants.[3] The textbook Flesh-Eating Trees of the World included some "really good" pictures of these shrubs.[1] These plants were considered to be extremely dangerous, as they could eat human flesh, so when self-fertilising plant was handled, it was best to wear gloves.[2]


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