This wand belonged to Seraphina Picquery, former President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America.


It was crafted by Violetta Beauvais and was, like all Beauvais wands, made of swamp mayhaw wood with a rougarou hair core.[1] The wand itself selected its owner after her Sorting ceremony and also attracted a lot of controversy when Madam Picquery became President, as Beauvais wands were known to be quite comfortable with performing Dark magic.

Behind the scenes

  • "'Seraphina's wand was nice', says prop maker Pierre Bohanna. 'It had a pink jewelled handle, quite simple, quite classic, influenced by deco, and was ebony, tipped with a silver clasp around it.'".[2]
  • According to the prop gallery included in Digital Copy, Seraphina Picquery's wand is 13½ inches long.[3]
  • In the film, the gem is purple.[4] And it can also be seen as purple in Fantastic Beasts and J.K Rowling's Wizarding World. However, the prop replica's gem is pink.


Notes and references

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