Sheep grazing on the island of Hermetray

A sheep is a domesticated ruminant mammal of the genus Ovis.[1] It is characterised by its thick, fleecy coat, which is used to make wool.[1]


Sheep were the preferred prey of the Antipodean Opaleye and the Common Welsh Green.[2] Hungarian Horntails also preyed on sheep, as well as goats, but would eat humans whenever they could.[2]

The Ancient Greek hero Odysseus slayed Cyclops, a one-eyed giant that lived at the base of Mount Etna, with the help of some sheep.[3]

In the 16th century, Zygmunt Budge moved to the remote island of Hermetray in the Outer Hebrides, where his only company was a flock of sheep that he occasionally used to test out his potions.[4]


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