The spines of the Shrake can be used as a potion ingredient. When added to a potion, the mixture must be stirred gently, as overly vigourous stirring can "overexcite" the spines. Zygmunt Budge used pickled Shrake spine in his version of the Cure for Boils.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • It's inconsistent to say that Zygmunt Budge used Shrake spines in his potion recipes, since he lived in the 16th century, and Shrakes were magically created, according to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, by a group of wizard fisherfolk in the early 1800s. However, it is possible that Budge lived for over three hundred years (not an impossible lifespan for a wizard) and composed his Cure for Boils recipe in the later part of his life.


Notes and references

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