Shrunken Head: "I say! No underage wizards allowed in today! Shut the damn door!"
Hermione: "So rude."
Ron: "Thick heads."
— Hermione and Ron to the talking Shrunken Heads guarding Three Broomsticks Inn in 1993.[src]

A shrunken head is a head that has been shrunk, by removing the head's skull and fat. In the wizarding world, shrunken heads are animated, providing sentience, and having the ability to talk and move.[1] Some may be considered dark objects, [2] while others may be kept by wizards as a mascot, such as Dre Head, in the Knight Bus [1] and a bunch of shrunken heads, at the Three Broomsticks Inn.[3] Shrunken heads may be bought at Knockturn Alley.[4]



Harry Potter noticed some shrunken heads on display in a shop window across from Borgin and Burkes, at Knockturn Alley. [4] Among them was Heady, Dre Head's cousin.[5]


Harry Potter encountered Dre Head, an animated shrunken head when travelling on the Knight Bus from Little Whinging to the Leaky Cauldron in London.[1] Later in the school year, during one of the Hogsmeade weekend trips, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were prevented from entering the Three Broomsticks Inn by three shrunken heads.[3]


Grimmauld Place Shrunken Heads

The heads of house-elves mounted on a wall in the Black family home.

When Harry Potter was brought to 12 Grimmauld Place, Mrs. Weasley assisted him to Ron and Hermione's room upstairs. While they were passing along the dark staircase, Harry saw a row of shrunken heads mounted on plaques on the wall. After a closer look, he noticed that the heads belonged to house-elves. Harry later discovered that beheading old house-elves and mounting their heads on display was something of a tradition in the Black family.[6]


Hermione once mentioned that Vincent Crabbe had a shrunken head which was confiscated by Argus Filch on the pretext of it being a Dark object.[2]

Known shrunken heads

Behind the scenes

Shrunken head at the Knight Bus

The Knight Bus' shrunken head


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