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Sickleworth was a Niffler owned by Gringotts Wizarding Bank, assigned to Patricia Rakepick to aid in her assignments by burrowing underground in search of treasure at cursed sites. Rakepick chose his name because he was "incredibly sweet, and utterly destructive."[1]


In the 1987–1988 school year, Rakepick allowed Professor Silvanus Kettleburn to borrow Sickleworth for a Care of Magical Creatures class on Nifflers.[1] Rakepick also allowed Jacob's sibling to temporarily use the Niffler to search for the head of Torvus' arrow.[2]

The following year, Sickleworth was present in Defence Against the Dark Arts classes taught by Rakepick. During these classes, he occasionally let the Pixies escape.[3] After Rakepick left the school, she left Sickleworth behind.[4]

The following year, Jacob's sibling spotted Sickleworth in the Clock Tower Courtyard, carrying a white quill with him. Jacob's sibling followed the Niffler to Jacob's room, where they and Jacob found the Niffler and took the quill, which was a message for Jacob's sibling.[5]

Personality and traits

Rakepick described him as "being very good at his job, and very defiant when it comes to following orders. Not unlike myself."[1]

Behind the scenes

  • This Niffler is considered female in the Spanish version of the game.


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